Perverted Taste - German Label and Mailorder - American Mailorder

Morbid Records - German Grind Label

Relapse Records - American Grind and Death Label

Earache - American Label

System Shock - German Label

Undercover-Records - German Label

Hellion Records - German Label

Bizarre Leprous Prod. - Czech GoreGrind Label

Obscene - Czech Grind Label

CCP Records - Austrian Mailorder


Napalm Records - Austrian Mailorder

Cudgel Agency

Osmose Prod. - French Mailorder

Last Episode - German Label

Drakkar Prod. - French Mailorder

Iron Pegasus Records - German Label

Metal Blade - German Label

The Metal Merchant - German Label

Sound Riot Records - Black und Death Mailorder

Nocturnal Music -

Warlord Records - Italian Label

Ars Metalli - German Label

Merciless Records - German Label

Zombie Records - Death-/ Doom-/ Black Metal Mailorder

Doomforce - German Label

Schwarzdorn Production - German Label

Mighty Music - Danish Mailorder

Räudig Records - German Label

Psycho Bitch Records - German Label

Deathgasm Records - American Label

Lost Disciple Records - American Label

Hammerheart Records - Label and Mailorder

Moonfog Productions - Norwegian Label

Regain Records - Swedish Label

Black Sun Records - Swedish Label

Listenable Records - Death/Grind Label

Infinity - American Label

Razorback Records - American Label

Dwell Records - American Label

Displeased Records - Label from the netherlands

Victory Recs. - American Label

No Colours Records - German Label

Co Pro Records - UK Label

United Guttural Records - Grind Label

Sothis Records - Italian Label

Dark Horizon Recs. - American Label

Dark Realm Records - American Label

Speedy Promotion - Merchandise Mailorder, especially Shirts, Patches and so on

No Fashion Records - Swedish Label

Remission Records - Death/Trash/Grind Label

Animate Records - Death/Black/Grind Label

Skull Fucked Productions

Supreme Chaos Records 

Southern Lord - Doom Label

Necropolis Records

Moonstorm Records

Remedy Records - German Metal Shop

Code 666 - Italian Label

Unique Leader Rec. - Death/Grind Label from the netherlands

Bones Brigade - French Label

Evil Horde Records - Black Metal Label

Horror Records - Danish Label

Extreme Souls Production - Indonesian  Death/Grind Label

Holycaust Records - American Label

Blasphemic Hymns Productions - American Label

Realms Of Darkness Productions - American Label

Cryonics Records - Death Label from the netherlands

Dream Evil Records - Italian Label

Hell Bent for Records - Vinyl and CD Mailorder

Metal Coven Records - German Label

Ostfront Productions - German Label

Warfront Productions - German Label

Deathstrike Records - German Label

Black Widow Records

Massacre Records

Sempiternal Productions

Tank Shirts

Outlaw Recordings

Speedy Promotions

The Kiss Store

Black Metal DVDs - US Mailorder with some rare stuff

Hells Headbangers -US Label

Great white North Records - Canadian Label

THT Productions - indonesian Label

High Wind Records - japanese Label

Primitive Recordings - US Label

Forgotten Steel

Metal War Productions

Karthago Records


Protected GmbH - Save your vinyl records

Ancient Arts (Metal Supremecy Rec.)- Jewelry, Boots and Label

Second Sight Books - Books, Jewelry, etc... 

Magic Marys Online Store - fantasy and bondage sculptures