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www.metal.de - Metallinks, Chatrooms, etc... not my favorite site

www.noisepoint.net - Sceneguide for east germany

Metalworld - Austrian Metalscene

www.resurrection.at - Austrian Metalscene

www.Deathmetal.info - Death Metal Search Engine

www.swedishmetal.com - Guide for swedish Bands only

Snake Net - Internet Metal Radio

www.deathmetal.com - Many MP3 and video downloads

Slaughtering Metal - Link list with Morbid Angel, Mortician, Hate Eternal and other Death Metal Kings

Metal Provider - A great Site with many official and inofficial Band Releases Lists

List of Bootlegs - Just what the name says...

Demon 666 - Every Month there will be released 3 old Demo Tapes as MP3 for Download

Australian Metal Encyclopaedia - Just what the name says...

Haefners Heavy Metal Hell - Publisher of the Rare Records Issues




Wacken Open Air

Fuck the Commerce 

Party San

Summerbreeze Festival 

With Full Force

Under the black Sun

Obscene Extreme Open Air

Skeleton Bash

Metal Dayz Festival

Dynamo Open Air

Headbangers Open Air

Open Hell Festival

Morbide Festspiele

Milwaukee Metalfest

Bang your Head

Keep it True

Metal Mania Festival 

Thrash 'til Death

Zabbaduschder Festival

Hellbangers Festival

Central Illinois Metalfest

NRW Deathfest

Ludwigshafen Deathfest


Concert Tickets Mailorder

... for concerts in Germany


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Troma Deutschland - A must for Splatter-/Trashmovie Freaks (german)

Troma Video Entertainment - ... and here's the US-Site

Fangoria - US Horror Zine

Gory News - german Splatter Zine

Happy Tree Friends - Flash Clips about fluffy animals and splattering gore