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Present line-up: Patrick Kremer (vocals), Christian Wachter (guitar), Siggi (bass), and Thomas Werner (drums).
Founding line-up: Heinrich (vocals), Christian Wachter (guitar), Siggi (bass), and Thomas Werner (drums).

Hellish Worshippers: Actually HELLISH CROSSFIRE play a mixture of every kind of Metal we love - and we love any kind of Metal as long as it`s good and not gay, hehe! Alright, you`ll have some hints of Brazilian acts like old SARCOFAGO, GENOCIDIO, HEADHUNTER D.C., VULCANO here and there, some Teutonic Thrash influences like early KREATOR, SODOM, IRON ANGEL(of course!), EXUMER, DESTRUCTION etc., some Death Metal roots like early MORBID ANGEL or ASPHYX, some slight inspirations from ONSLAUGHT`s `Power From Hell`, some curses swallowed from the mouthes of legends like POSSESSED and SLAYER, but we also bang our heads to riffs that sometimes may remind to maniacal NIFELHEIM... Everything melted together in a good old-styled, but fresh and heavy as fuck unity called HELLISH CROSSFIRE. Is it Thrash Metal? Is it Death Metal? Is it Speed Metal? - We don`t give a fuck, we play extreme Heavy Metal, raw, aggressive and - above all - HELLISH - that is the most important thing here!!!  Beware of the headhunting exekution kommando...!!!

Hellish History - it all began in the year 2002...: Chris recently quit with his former Death/Doom act called GARDENS OF GEHENNA, and he knew Werner (present HELLISH CROSSFIRE drummer - he had been playing in an underground Death Metal group before) for quite a while. When he quit with GOG due to money/time reasons Werner always asked him about founding a band named after the very first IRON ANGEL album (in order to show our dedication to German old school Thrash Metal). After an unbelievable live battle of the band DESASTER we were convenienced that we should try it, so we met up at a rehearsal place. Together with our bass player Siggi (he played in an extreme Thrash act called PROFANATION back in the 80s) and our singer Heinrich we philosophized about which kind of popular Metal song we could cover, and after jamming on some chords (of groups like f.e. POSSESSED, VIOLENT FORCE, KREATOR etc.) we came to the point that we said that BEWITCHED´s `Hard As Steel (Hot As Hell)` (although it is a "newer" track) would be a fitting killer. So we played this song at our first rehearsal, just in order to practice, to bring the guitar and the drums together in one unity. At our 2nd rehearsal we played our very first own song `Face The Killer` (at that time we still called it `Heavy Metal Genocide`), and from then on we managed it to create many tracks, a few of them will find their way on our very first demo which will be released in a few months (hopefully in September 2003)... It may be a bit strange that we yet exist since 1 and a half year, but we didn`t manage it to come out with any demo tape or something like this. At first it`s always had been our aim to deliver quality music instead with a spontanous attempt instead of spontanous music with a lacking of quality. We left many songs aside because we didn`t like them anymore. But the most important fact for these delays had been the problems with our former singer Heinrich: Yeah, he still is a great friend of us, and that also was the reason for our patience with him. We thought he would manage it to sing and be our front man, but eventually he quit for himself, there`s absolutely no bad blood between him and the rest of the HELLISH CROSSFIRE members, but after his departure we had a big problem, as we not only were searching a singer, but also a friend... Since a few weeks now Patrick of WITCHBURNER has taken over the vocal duties for our band, and with this great front man in our rows, we think we`re able to fight many barbaric live battles and we are curious about devastating and destroying some recording studios, hehe! In the end of August we`ll play our first two gigs together with the infamous Swedish cult Metal bataillons PAGAN RITES and DEVIL LEE ROT! BEWARE FOR A HELLISH CROSSFIRE ASSAULT!!!

Furthermore, there are plans to go to Jürgen W. Engel`s (IMPENDING DOOM, ATANATOS, BURIED GOD etcetc.) RAPE OF HARMONIES STUDIO in order to record our very first demo tape, and to do a split-7" with the German Thrash Metal band NOCTURNAL. We intend to put an own song as well as our very own cover version of Polish legend`s KAT`s Speed Metal hymn `Metal And Hell` on that output (being released by DEATHSTRIKE RECORDS). And finally, there`ll be another "HELLISH-CROSSFIRE-only"-7" in the near future, so watch out...!!!

Hellish Mentality: There are many reasons for us to play this kind of music. One reason for example is the fact that our blackened hearts have been possessed by Heavy Metal since the very early days of our youth, and this feeling got stronger and stronger throughout all those years. There was actually no thoroughly thought concept behind the group when four Metal heads started off with a band one and a half years ago... We just sat down and played, and what eventually turned out was the typical HELLISH CROSSFIRE style. I don´t know if we are original, it`s up to the listener to judge this, but for sure our music is traditional. It just pours out of our hearts, and it`s important for us that we create our songs together in unity, there`s no need for a soulless, lifeless "product". Perhaps someone may call us Thrash Metal, others Death Metal, others even Black Metal. But there are hints of traditional Heavy Metal and Speed Metal as well in our overall sound. We personally say we just play Heavy Metal, nothing more and nothing less. We just play what we want to play and nothing what a money-hungry label dictates us. One thing that´s important for HELLISH CROSSFIRE as well is the fact that the single members come along with each other very well. There`s simply no space for egos, everybody may contribute anything to the sound, we often go out to liquor stores, bars, Metal concerts, festivals etc. together, yeah, we`re good friends so to say, not just plain musicians that meet each others exclusively when rehearsing together! Furthermore, we don`t give a fuck about how big HELLISH CROSSFIRE may grow during the next few years, we also refuse to release stuff like soulless CD-Rs and stuff like this. I personally think we`ve got to get back to that point when just the very important quality bands were able to put out LPs/CDs - underground acts have to release demo tapes at first (utopia calls for me, I know...)! Unfortunately the market`s overfilled with bad CD-Rs, and too many labels put out shit albums, albums that wouldn`t have been worth to be put on tape during the 80s! Recording a demo was an event back in those years, nowadays every little fucker is able to reproduce his shitty identity through a PC and fucked up CD burners... HELLISH CROSSFIRE will start off with demo tapes and vinyl recordings exclusively, people that are into our kind of music use to look out for these items, the other ones may stick to their small little discs, we don`t care!
As for the musical/instrumental part of HELLISH CROSSFIRE we have to state that we kinda unite two different types of views: On the one hand there are songs that are very easy to play, on the other side there are tracks with kinda complicated structures, yet difficult to play. And our lyrics are dark, satanic, evil, brutal. But they fit to the music, I don`t know if there`s an occult, darker attitude behind supporting these statements... We use these lyrics in order to serve a certain tradition, they fit to the music, and what else do we want? We don´t want to write books...! If I`d like some food for thought I read a good book, not a lyric booklet! Last but not least, there`s the outfit that is our optical expression of the HELLISH CROSSFIRE mentality: We wear Metal t-shirts, bullet-belts, leather jackets, jeans jackets filled with patches, spikes and so on on promotional photos. But we wear them cause we like to wear them, not just in order to serve a certain "image" or "cliché"! That`s our way, and if someone doesn`t like it: FUCK OFF!!! We don`t care if we wear "enough" bullet-belts, spikes etc. We don`t have to justify ourselves, nor do we have to show everybody how "Metal" we are! We are what we are, we play what we play, there`s no other way!


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